BUSM1534 assignment 2a NGV Marketing Research Report 代写

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  •  BUSM1534 assignment 2a NGV Marketing Research Report 代写

    Assessment Tasks


    Assignment Task

    Assignment Type

    Due Date


    1a. Marketing Plan




    1a Situation Analysis and Objectives 

    Written Report (Group) 5000 words (flexible) written


    Note: Compulsory Feedback Submission of Part 1 of your Marketing Plan (i.e. Situation Analysis and Objectives) 



    Sunday, 21 May, 23.59*


    Sunday, 9 April, 23.59





    1b. Marketing Plan Pitch

    Pitch your best idea inside 7 minutes

    Time limit = 10 min (Maximum)




    In class week 12

    Class A,

    Monday, 22 May

    Class B,

    Wednesday, 24 May

    Class C

    Friday, 26 May



    2a. NGV Report

    NGV  Written Report  1000+ words (flexible)

    Sunday, 9 April 23.59*


    2b. NGV Presentation

    NGV Marketing Research Case Study & Design Thinking Outcomes

    Time limit = 10 min (Maximum)

    In class week 7

    Class A,

    Monday, 10 April

    Class B,

    Wednesday, 12 April

    In class week 6 (before Easter break**)

    Class C,

    Friday, 7 April



    3. Reflection

    2000+ words (flexible) written

    Sunday, 4 June, 23.59*



    Assessment Task 2a: NGV Marketing Research Case Study Report
    Weighting 15%
    (CLN group up to 5)
    Written Report
    Word guide: 1000+ words (flexible)
    Date: See Course Guide (Upload file to Turnitin)
    The purpose of this marketing research case study is to analyse the opportunity for the
    NGV to engage consumers more via social media, and apply design thinking to formulate
    recommendations regarding ideas for improvement.
    The scope of the case study may include (You may employ your design thinking tools
    in collaboration with newly acquired marketing planning tools):
    • Empathy:
    o consumer segmentation
    o consumer motives
    o consumer engagement
    o service experience
    o any other aspect of understanding existing and potential target consumer
    o your research can consider any event at the NGV event in isolation and/or
    in the context of the broader NGV International Gallery (St Kilda Road)
    and/or NGV Australia Gallery (at Federation Square).
    o secondary research
    § peer reviewed
    § industry
    § analysts
    • Define the problem and research objectives
    o unpack the problem (break down into subcomponents)
    • Develop the research plan
    o Primary data (Qualitative in this case: ethnographic and/or observation)
    • Get problem specific data
    • Analyse the information/data
    • Present findings and conclusions
    • Formulate decisions (alternatives – risk assessed)
    • Propose recommendations:
    o Can be specific ideas and/or concepts
    o Ideas can be formulated as a description or a set of ideas (themes,
    examples, types)
     BUSM1534 assignment 2a NGV Marketing Research Report 代写