MKTG205 A2 Networks & Relationships 代写

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  • MKTG205
    A2 Networks & Relationships 
    develop an understanding of how companies operate within a business network by closely examining a specific organisation's network
    appreciate the multiple perspectives that can be taken on interaction within a specific network

    Network approach
    looking at the network of suppliers, customers and competitors
    incorporate aims and strategies of network members and partners
    consider dynamics of the entire business network.

    Writing a management Report
    There are a variety of ways of laying out a management report. Please use appropriate headings to cover each aspect of this assessment task. You will definitely need to use at least the following headings:
    • Executive summary (See guidelines on writing an executive summary)
    • Table of Contents
    • Introduction
    • Conclusion
    • Reference List
    Choose a B2B company or organisation supplying other businesses.
    2. Provide a brief background of your focal firm
    organisation &
    Keep this section brief and relevant.
    3. Identity key networks members
    4. Provide a network diagram 
    Assessment task continued
    4 (continued).
    When providing your network diagram: 
    include major suppliers, customers and competitors and any regulatory authorities.
    A hand drawn diagram is acceptable but must be neat, scanned and included in your submission. You can also use your choice of software to produce a diagram if you wish but this is not essential.
    Assessment task continued
    5. Overview: products/services/raw ingredients/information that the network supplies and purchases from other members of the network.
    6. Examine the focal firm from the perspective of business customers and business suppliers.
    7. Analyse the issues and problems involved in developing, managing and exploiting relationships with network members.

    (Remember that at particular times termination of business relationships could be an important issue). 

    Assessment task continued
    8. Establish and provide a clear understanding of the time and resources allocated to manage at least 2 specified relationships in the network.
    9. Compare and contrast these relationships in terms of actor bonds, activity links and resource ties.
    Buying and Selling Relationship Strategies
    Transition from Customer to Strategic Partner
    Forms of Collaboration and Inter-Organisational Commitment
    In addressing this task you will need to draw on the theoretical concepts you have been studying in this subject.
    Abavi, A & Hosseini M (2011) Mapping B2B Value Exchange in marketing relationships: a systematic Approach.  Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, 26/7  503-513.
    The authors have mapped value exchange and provided the B2B network for an Iranian auto parts manufacturer. This article may provide some inspiration for your own network mapping.
    Some additional points
    Your appendices- must be relevant, referred to and/or used in the body of the report.
    For example, if you have a large table obtained from a source, you may decide to extract the important information and provide this in the body of your report along with a brief explanation and referring the reader to the larger table in your appendices. You would never just attach an appendix with no explanation. You might decide that the appendix is not required.
    Although this assignment is a management report, don’t forget that it is also an academic document.
    Normal rules of plagiarism apply
    Always use Harvard style referencing
    To receive an HD you would need to achieve the following:
    A superior discussion of the company and industry background allowing the marker to image working in the company and industry.
    Network diagram identifying all key players with a clear discussion of all supply chain members and interrelationships with the focal firm
    Provide a superior overview and discussion of the products/services/raw ingredients/information flows across the network
    A sophisticated discussion of the network from multiple perspectives – eg focal firm and how other network members see the focal firm: Clearly identifying gaps in perceptions by customers and suppliers of the focal firm and identifying areas for improvement.
    A sophisticated discussion and analysis of the issues and problems involved in developing, managing and exploiting relationships with network members. The discussion needs is strategically sound and theoretically informed.
    Referencing: Both the in text and end reference list are consistent in terms of style and application of Harvard. A  range of appropriate sources used effectively.