Critical Review Assignment MCOM104-17A 代写

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  • Critical Review Assignment MCOM104-17A 代写

    Critical Review Assignment
    Due: 11pm, Friday 24 March
    Length: 700-800 words, excluding titles and references
    Submission: online submission via MyWeb
    Learning outcome:
    1.     Write clearly, coherently, and appropriately in a variety of genres.
    2.     Critically evaluate sources and acknowledge sources appropriately with correct APA referencing.

    Critical Review Assignment MCOM104-17A 代写


    You will be given a research topic. Your task is to identify and evaluate two scholarly journal articles, which in your opinion help inform and illustrate the given research topic.


    Public transport in New Zealand

    Marking schedule:

    Appropriateness of the source20%
    -         The source is identified from suitable online databases.
    -         The identified source is a scholarly journal article.
    -         Keywords used to source this article are listed.
    -         The source helps inform and illustrate the given topic.
    APA referencing:10%
    -         The article is correctly cited, using APA referencing format.
    Critical evaluation of sources:40%
    -         A short summary of the article is provided (50 words).
    -         The evaluation is carried out according to the given criteria.
    -         The evaluation is thorough and convincing.
    -         The evaluation is independent, reflective and analytical.
    Format and writing:30%
    -         The evaluation uses the required format.
    -         The writing style is appropriate.
    -         The writing is clear and coherent.
    -         The assignment is free of writing errors.
    Note:We will use this marking schedule to assess each of the articles you have identified and evaluated. You will get a mark for each article. Your final mark of this assignment will be the average of two marks.

    Critical Review Assignment MCOM104-17A 代写